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Hot Yella

A “triple threat,” Hot Yella is an aspiring songwriter, vocalist and artist, who represents the independent and powerful ladies of the world.  Hot Yella creates music that speaks to those who know the struggles of life and rewards of self-expression. Hot Yella mesmerizes listeners with the sound of her sultry voice and cleverly crafted rhymes. 

Given the birth name Ariella, meaning "Lioness Goddess," Hot Yella began her musical journey at 17, as passionate singer, rapper and songwriter. Hot Yella spent her last two years of high school in Madison, Wisconsin, writing and producing her debut album, a nine-track R&B EP entitled ‘My Heart.’ Hot Yella collaborated with different producers, including DJ Pain 1 for ‘My Heart,’ which she and her family sold two-hundred copies of the first day of its release.

Hot Yella currently resides in Florida, where she is making her mark creating powerful, yet soulful ear candy to satisfy her fan’s sweet tooth. Hot Yella's tantalizing sound will leave you craving more!





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