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DJ Storm

Back when she was only a “light shower,” Storm used to make mixtapes of her favorite songs and tried to deejay on a Fischer Price toy turntable with a scratched 2 Live Crew record. But it was in 1997, when she was a freshman at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, that Storm was able to do something about her love of music. She began her career in radio at the college station, WAMF, now WANM. For several years Storm worked at WANM, then moved to commercial radio at Hot 107.5 FM.

After moving to New York City and taking a year off from radio, in 2002 Storm began workin as a weekend personality on the then brand new WWLD. She soon was offered a promotion to morning show producer/news director for the Doug Banks Morning Show, which she still holds down. In 2005, after a semester of flying to New York from Tallahassee for class once a week, she finished grad school and received her Master of Arts degree with a focus on media consolidation. Just recently, Storm was able to add another accomplishment to her resume when the team at WWLD proved that Blazin 102.3 is undeniably the #1 station in Tallahassee for hip hop and R&B, with the changing of its direct competitor (WBWT) into a talk format station.  She has also worked as an emcee in Miami for the Funkmaster Flex "Flex Your Skills Tour," in Daytona & Tallahassee for Geico at Bike Week and Springtime Tallahassee and for Verizon at all Florida State University's home football and baseball games

Now Storm is currently on Blazin 102.3 Monday thru Friday from 7pm to 12 am, working as a club and special event dj, MC, and one of the hosts for 850LiveTV!




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